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  •  HighStep for electricity pylons

  •  HighStep for communication towers

  •  HighStep for cranes

  •  HighStep for wind power plants

  •  HighStep for buildings

  •  HighStep for shafts and tunnels


Advantages of the application for shafts and tunnels

The use of the HighStep System in combination with shafts and tunnels offers a large number of benefits



The HighStep System offers its user multiple safety features through a firmly fixed connection to the HighStep Rail. The connection of the HighStep climbing devices to the HighStep Rail ensures to safely climb and thereby making missteps or falls nearly impossible. The HighStep Rail can solely be climbed by using a HighStep climbing device and therefore prevents any unauthorised access. This protects not only the person climbing but also the access to the shaft or tunnel.


Resulting benefits:

  • Improved safety
  • Reduces risk of falls and missteps
  • Makes additional safety gear (e.g. back-protectors, rope safeguarding etc.) redundant


The HighStep Rail is extremely simple to install and can be applied regardless of the shape and surface of the structure. The HighStep Rail is bendable and can be adjusted on-site if required by the shape of a structure. The connection to the structure is highly flexible and therefore also suited to tackle overhanging angles. This significantly reduces the efforts for assembling and customized engineering compared to traditional climbing solutions.

As the HighStep Rail is permanently installed on the structure the user solely needs to carry along his climbing device, HighStep Easy & Protector or HighStep Lift to access all structures that are equipped with the HighStep Rail.

Resulting benefits:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • One climbing device enables the user to access all structures equipped with the HighStep Rail 
  • Climbing device can individually be chosen
  • Climbing devices are quickly ready to use

Demografic effect

According to statements of industry segments associated with high workplaces, a shortage of younger workforce can currently be observed on one side whilst an increasing number of mature employees are forced to go into early retirement on the other. In many cases severe joint and back problems are to blame for forcing experienced employees to stop work at a stage where they have not reached retirement age.

The HighStep System has been developed to tackle the resulting dilemma by minimizing the occurring forces on the user when climbing. This is achieved by supporting the user with a climbing device that allows to climb in a more natural and ergonomic way by particularly reducing the forces targeting the user’s arms and the upper-body parts. Whilst HighStep Easy & Protector already offer great benefits compared to traditional climbing solutions HighStep Lift is particularly well designed to keep experienced employees in the field for a longer period of time.

Resulting benefits:

  • Reduces forces and effects that are affecting the users physical condition when climbing
  • System is also suited for more mature or partially handicapped employees
  • Tackles the "demografic-effect" in the Western world




Ergonomic climbing is one of the outstanding advantages of the HighStep System. Moving along the Rail involves exactly the same movements as climbing stairs with the advantage that the height of each step can be chosen according to any individual preference.

HighStep Easy is designed to support the user by removing any pressure on the arms and upper-body parts as climbing solely results out of the user’s leg movements. HighStep Lift is the ultimate comfortable experience as climbing with this device is completely automatic. The user reaches the workplace relaxed and rested.

Resulting benefits:

  • Reduced use of force
  • Erconomic and natural movement sequence
  • Flexible height of steps
  • No pressure on arms and upper-body parts
  • Can be used as a resting patform


The HighStep Rail generally requires no maintenance. The redundancy of maintenance covers all elements (rail, rail connection profiles and all standard parts used for assembly) that are permanently installed on the structure.

As a result, the cost for maintenance are very low over a lifetime and solely arise from service checkups on the climbing devices usually every two years.

Resulting benefits:

  • No need for constant inspections
  • Permanent reliability
  • Low maintenance costs


A profitability calculation can be made for all long-lasting technical equipment, which compares the initial procurement cost with the long-term consequential costs and the benefits of the products. In any case, it has to be pointed out that choosing a system solely on the basis of the one-off investment cost may prove to be a very expensive mistake over the lifetime of the product. This applies particularly to climbing systems, because they are normally purchased for a service life of 20 years.

There are many subsequent cost such as engineering costs, cost for substructures or maintenance costs affecting the profitability. By using the HighStep Systems an operator can save most of these costs and simultaneously lowers the initial procurement costs through the simplicity that all HighStep products offer when initially set up or installed.

Resulting benefits:

  • High profitability achieved to low subsequent costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Very moderate setup costs
  • Time and therefor cost benefits when using the HighStep System