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  •  HighStep System

  •  HighStep Rail

  •   HighStep Easy

  •  HighStep Lift

  •  HighStep Robo


HighStep Rail

The aluminium rail is the heart of the system. The HighStep Rail is ingeniously simple, and is maintenance-free throughout its service life.


More information on HighStep Rail

HighStep climbing devices


    HighStep Easy

    The ergonomical climbing system for a safe ascent to high altitudes.
    The fast and efficient access to your workplace.

    More information on HighStep Easy

  • HighStep Lift

    The world's first and only portable elevator. The HighStep Lift rises at a speed of 0.4 m/s (a 100 meters high building can be accessed in 4 minutes).

    More information on HighStep Lift
  • HighStep Robo

    The robot fitting the HighStep Rail allowing autonomous management of different applications. The robot is controlled over a Wireless-LAN-Tablet/-Smartphone or a traditional remote.

    More information on HighStep Robo