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  •  HighStep for electricity pylons

  •  HighStep for communication towers

  •  HighStep for cranes

  •  HighStep for wind power plants

  •  HighStep for buildings

  •  HighStep for shafts and tunnels


Requirements on the climbing system

Operators of mines, tunnels, shafts and drilling companies are a key client segment at HighStep Systems AG. The HighStep System will meet today's as well as tomorrow's requirements put on a climbing system for operations underground.

Requirements from an operator of mines, tunnels or shafts perspective

As well as providing safe access to the shaft, a very wide range of requirements could be placed on the climbing system. In addition to the application case described below, there may also be other conditions:

  • Safe entry into the descending tube
  • Climbing in a very narrow shaft
  • Easy rescue and evacuation despite the narrowness of the shaft
  • Climbing in a heavily contaminated shaft
  • Prevention of unauthorised use despite the installation of a climbing system
  • Easy access to the shaft walls by means of the climbing device